Walker’s Retirement

Walker had low confidence, no direction, was overwhelmed with the retirement options available. He continued to put off what was an ongoing nagging problem and challenge that he needed to solve.  He wanted to retire and didn’t know how or when this would eventually happen.  He was in transition and looking forward to the next phase in his life; enjoying life to the fullest with family and pursuing personal interests. He couldn’t fathom how he would get there and it seemed all too complex and challenging.

After 3 years of contemplating his retirement, and having multiple discussions with a myriad of financial professionals, Walker had collected a legal file full ‘sales pitches’ or ‘product focused’ solutions.  They were all so different and costs seemed exceptionally high to him.  There was no consistency among them, trust was absent, and the lack of professionalism he encountered did nothing to help solve his problem.  So he continued to work, pushing back his retirement year after year, while worrying even more about his and his wife’s future.

Eventually, a, estate planning attorney who is a trusted partner of Seneschal, referred Walker to meet with our team. We listened to him, spent a great deal of time evaluating his goals, beliefs, values, and concerns.  We began the steps to evaluate the data, discover the objectives and build what was needed for him to regain his confidence, trust and vision of his future retirement.  We built a plan to overcome his problem, and challenges for this type of transition.  We didn’t go after the assets, yet focused on what was important to him.  Now, Walker is retired and had began to enjoy life to the fullest, and is even able to dedicate his time time to non-profits he supports. He lives a happier life with his wife and his mind is at ease which allows for him to live the life and retirement he dreamed of.